Did Joan Jett have Plastic Surgery?

She may have been at the height of her music career during the 1980’s but these days the singer looks every inch the rock star that she did then. Born in 1958 the singer and some time actress looks nowhere near her fifty six years of age. There are none of the usual signs of aging to her face and neck, and it is probably for this reason that the plastic surgery rumours started to circulate. There are suspicions that she has been through a rhinoplasty procedure as well as a face lift, cheek implants, filler injections and of course Botox treatment.

Did Joan Jett have Plastic Surgery?

Whatever surgery she has put herself through has been incredibly successful as she looks fantastic. There is no sign at all of the sagging skin which she should have started to develop by now. Neither are the usual sets of wrinkles visible, which are a clear indicator of age. Botox injections are usually combined with a face lift procedure in order to present the client with a lifted, wrinkle free, youthful looking face. It appears as though facial fillers have been utilised to add a little plumpness to different areas of her face, again to replace the tissue which sags and droops with age.

Before and After:

The shape of her nose has altered too, she now has a narrower, nose which has a more refined tip to it. The surgical procedures that she has been through have given her face a more refined and elegant look that she was once known for. All of the procedures that she has undertaken have worked well for her as they do not make her face looked overworked. Unlike others who have been through the same set of procedures her face has not taken on the plastic appearance which makes a person look unnatural.

Before and After pictures:

Joann Jett picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Joann Jett picture from 2010 or this picture.

Joann Jett picture from 1980 (via Wikipedia)

Joann Jett picture from 1976 (via Imdb)

Did Joan Jett have Plastic Surgery?

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