Did Joyce Meyers Have Plastic Surgery?

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Born in 1943 into a simple family setting, Joyce Meyer went on to become one of the most recognisable and charismatic authors, teachers and speakers within the Christian Community. Her sermons and the lessons she teaches are followed by people around the world. She believes that she can help people to improve their relationship with the Divine and in doing so help them improve their daily lives. However, it has been noted that Joyce Meyer does not look the same anymore, and in particular, something has happened to her mouth.

Did Joyce Meyers Have Plastic Surgery?

Comparing images from a few years back against those taken recently the changes in her appearance can be clearly seen. The most striking thing is that something seems to have gone wrong with her smile. It could be that a lip augmentation procedure didn’t go as well as it should have. She was probably hoping for a perfect pout with plump and rounded lips, sadly that is not what she received. Her mouth now appears to be too large for her face and as such makes all of her features seem out of proportion with each other. It could be that the injection was given into the wrong part of her lip and she was left with partial paralysis as a result.

Differences between before and after:

Despite the changes to the way that she looks her faithful following has not diminished. People still hang on her every word and use her teachings to live their lives the best way that they can. She believes that God doesn’t look on her with any less favour because she opted to alter the features that he gave her, even if it did go wrong. She still continues to spread the Christian word to those that will listen, despite having something of a demonic smile on her face.

Before and after pictures:

Joyce Meyers in 2007 (what do you think?)

Joyce Meyers in 2014 (what do you think? Any change?)

Did Joyce Meyers Have Plastic Surgery?

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