Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

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Probably best remembered for her appearances as the vampire Darla in the cult television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Julie Benz is like any other American actress. She wants to maintain the image that made her famous, and remain looking the same way as she looked at the height of her career. While the actress herself has never issued a public statement about any surgery she may have received, by comparing images of her from the past to the present it is clear that there has been a certain amount of cosmetic enhancement that has taken place.

Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

Now in her forties, there are none of the early aging signs which normally appear around this time. There are no tell tale crow’s feet which many women have at her age. Also there is no loose or sagging skin anywhere on her face. While she may claim to be following an excellent skin care regime, there is only so much that an anti wrinkle cream can do. In order to have the wrinkle free skin that she has, she much be receiving some form of dermal filler injections. Normally by the time a woman reaches her forties her lips have started to thin a little. If you take a look at Julie’s lips you will find that they are as plump and full as ever, which would suggest that there has been a little help given in the form of a collagen injection (like Kim Basinger).

Before and After:

Another surgery that has an obvious give away is breast augmentation, and there has been some speculation surrounding her having received this form of surgery too. Watchers claim that her body shape has changed, a clear give away that she has had breast implants. While it is true that she doesn’t look much older now that she did when she was filming ‘Buffy’, time and age will almost certainly take its toll. It may be that she will consider more dramatic facial surgery in the future.

Before and After pictures:

Julie Benz picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Julie Benz picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Julie Benz picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Julie Benz picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

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