Did Julie Bowen have Plastic Surgery?

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As the star of the popular sitcom ‘Modern FamilyJulie Bowen has become a familiar face to millions of people. There are a number of rumours surrounding the actress which relate to her having undergone some plastic surgery in order to improve the way she looks. This is not unusual, many actresses feel the need to seek out cosmetic treatments in order to make them look good for as long as possible, in the hope it will extend their television career.

Did Julie Bowen have Plastic Surgery?

When you take a look at photos of Julie, you can see that considering her age she is wearing remarkably well. There is no sign of the tell tale wrinkles around her eyes or across her forehead which she should have developed as part of the aging process. Like many actresses she has turned to Botox therapy in order to keep her face looking as young and fresh as possible. Despite never having talked openly about having received breast augmentation therapy, it is clear from looking at an image of her in a swimsuit that she has indeed received the surgery. The tell tale sign is the wide gap in her cleavage, a dead giveaway that she has received breast implants.

Before and After:

The actress is now in her mid forties and is looking great. The procedures that she has been through have served to provide her with an overall natural image. Her breast augmentation was not excessive and she has kept her body proportions in good balance. The actress has confirmed that she receives laser treatments in order to maintain the quality and appearance of her skin, and it looks as though whatever she is doing, it is working. It may be that as she gets a little older she will turn to cosmetic surgery techniques in order to keep her looks.

Before and after pictures:

Julie Bowen picture from 2001.

Julie Bowen picture from 2006.

Julie Bowen picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Julie Bowen picture from 2013 / Another picture.

Did Julie Bowen have Plastic Surgery?

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