Did Kaley Cuoco Have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1985, the actress is only approaching her thirties, and already she is surrounded by rumours of plastic surgery. The actress gained attention when she appeared in the popular television show ‘8 Simple Rules’, for which she won an Emmy award. She then went on to appear in the cult television series ‘Charmed’ (with Rose McGowan). Sine a number of old photographs of the actress appeared on the internet the rumours of her having had plastic surgery have escalated.

Did Kaley Cuoco Have Plastic Surgery?

When you compare these old images with more recent ones it is clear to see that her body and face have altered. There are pictures of her enjoying time on a beach in the Caribbean wearing a bikini. The public have noted that in these image she has very little in the way of a bust, yet when she appeared at a red carpet event in 2012 she was in possession of a much larger pair of breasts which she seemed keen to show off. There is no doubt that having her breasts enlarged improved her self image and made her look and feel more attractive. Of course all rumours have been denied by the actress, yet there is just too much photographic evidence to ignore.

P.S. she actually confirmed she got breast implants at the age of 18.

Before and After pictures:

People in the plastic surgery industry which have looked at the images too believe that she has had breast augmentation to increase the size of her breasts, many of the believing that she is really too young to be starting to have her body altered by surgical techniques. Thankfully there are no rumours relating to her having had surgery on her face just yet. Perhaps she will wait until the aging process really starts to kick in before she starts tinkering with her features, and in all possibility taking on the plastic appearance of so many film and television stars in Hollywood today.

Before and After pictures:

Kaley Cuoco picture from 2014 (you can actually see the difference between the pictures)

Kaley Cuoco picture from 2005 (maybe before the plastic surgery?)

Kaley Cuoco picture from 2002 (you can see the small breasts there)

Did Kaley Cuoco Have Plastic Surgery?

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