Did Kate Jackson have Plastic Surgery?

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Actress turned director and producer Kate Jackson is probably best remembered for playing the role of Sabrina Duncan in the smash hit television series of the 1970’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’. The award winning actress was born in 1948. Now in her mid sixties she has fallen prey to the plastic surgery rumours which surround so many actresses of her generation. However the rumours that surround her are not about whether or not she has been through surgery, they are more along the lines of what went wrong?

Did Kate Jackson have Plastic Surgery?

She is believed to have undergone a number of different surgical procedures including a face lift, eyelid surgery, and a brow lift and followed these up with dermal injections to plump out the skin on her face. However her face looks as though it has been over worked and she has been left looking more than a little unnatural. Her brows are now too high on her face; her cheeks appear swollen and misshapen. The proportions of her face appear to have been thrown out which has left her with a rather odd look. Despite her surgery not providing her with the results that she wanted, the actress remains as confident as ever, and is not letting it hold her back.

Before and After pictures:

Kate Jackson picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Kate Jackson picture from 1998 (via Imdb)

Kate Jackson picture from 1976 (via Wikipedia)

Did Kate Jackson have Plastic Surgery?

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