Did Katherine Kelly Lang have Plastic Surgery?

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Katherine Kelly Lang is an actress famous for appearing in the long running American soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (with Robin Mcgraw & with Jack Wagner). The actress is now in her fifties and drawing much media attention for the way that she remains looking so youthful. There is much speculation that she has a little help form a cosmetic surgeon in order to maintain her look, as her face has the wrinkle free appearance of a woman who is very familiar with the latest anti aging techniques.

Did Katherine Kelly Lang have Plastic Surgery?

Many believe that her wrinkle free face is the product of using injectables such as Botox, something that many women in the entertainment industry turn to in order to keep them looking younger for longer. Dermal fillers (like Cindy Crawford) are also used to plump out the skin which also works to provide someone with a much younger looking complexion than they would have naturally. The actress is also rumoured to have been through a face lift procedure, something which the actress has denied. Images of the actress taken over the course of a few years do show some changes in the appearance of her face which may not be explained away by lifestyle, diet or a beauty regimen.

Before and After:

The flesh on her face is remarkable smooth, with little or nothing in the way of wrinkles. This effect is usually the result of Botox therapy. The skin also appears tight on her face, a clear indication that she is using injectables to plump out the skin. Despite being asked on a number of occasions the actress continues to deny that she is having or had had any form of cosmetic enhancement procedure carried out on her face. This is not an unusual response, many women in her position deny having received cosmetic treatments as they worry about how they are going to be perceived by their fans.

Before and After pictures:

Katherine Kelly Lang picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

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Did Katherine Kelly Lang have Plastic Surgery?

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