Did Katie Couric have Plastic Surgery?

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Katie Couric is best known as an American television show host, a journalist and she hosts a talk show as well. Katie Couric was born on January 7, 1957 and looks remarkable at her age of 57 years old. Katie is no stranger to talk shows or hosting for major networks, because she’s actually been with all three of the major networks including: CBS, ABC and NBC.

Since May 2012, she’s been hosting a less popular but still booming show called Katie’s Take, which airs on Yahoo!. You will also find her on Good Morning America and as a correspondent to several news outlets including ABC news as well. She’s also a successful author who achieved being the New York Time’s Best Seller from her title ‘The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives’.

Possible Katie Couric Plastic Surgery?!

Unlike many women her own age, Katie Couric doesn’t look old at all. At the age of 57, you would think we would see some signs of natural aging or at least some sagging but Katie seems to defy the laws of physics and gravity.

Botox Injection – Her smooth face and nonexistent wrinkles indicate that she might be getting filler injections such as Botox. If you look at her forehead, her eyes and her cheek, it’s clear that the smoothness of the skin has been maintained by something other than natural aging.

Facelift – It’s also possible that she underwent a facelift because her cheeks seem to look as youthful as a 30 year old cheek bone. They don’t sag at all and she looks as good as new. Katie denies all and any allegations of getting a facelift.

As most celebrities, she attributes her looks to naturally looking great and taking care of herself, but I think we know what that means when most celebrities give the same old speech.

Before and After pictures:

Katie Couric face picture from 2005.

Katie Couric face picture from 2007.

Katie Couric face picture from 2011.

Katie Couric picture from 2012.

Did Katie Couric have Plastic Surgery?

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