Did Keira Knightley get Plastic Surgery?

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Despite being of the biggest names in Hollywood, actress Kiera Knightley does not appear to have thrown herself into the hands of the nearest plastic surgeon in order to fit the profile of Hollywood startlet which suits her so well. She has always admitted to wanting to have breast implants in order to provide her with some sensuous curves which she feels she is currently lacking, yet so far has not taken the plunge and booked the surgery. Having such a petit frame, the slightest change to her bust area would be very noticeable.

Did Keira Knightley get Plastic Surgery? 

With regard to her looks, what many people question is whether or not she has undergone lip augmentation in order to achieve the perfect pout which she displays so easily. If you look at images taken from early on in her career you will note that she has always had full lips, however many believe that she has had her top lip filled out in order to boost the way her mouth looks and give her pout more definition. Her nose too is a little narrower than it used to be, which would indicate that she has at least undergone a little rhinoplasty to improve the way she looks.

Before and After:

Whatever procedures she decides to undergo in the future, she needs to be sure she keeps any implants or enhancements to the right size for her body frame, else she runs the risk of looking out of balance and ridiculous. She is however realistic about the possibilities of having surgery in the future as she appreciates that the looks she has now will not last forever, and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a face lift or Botox a few years down the line. Time will tell just how much she comes to rely on the hand of the surgeon in the future.

Before and After pictures:

Keira Knightley picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Keira Knightley picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Keira Knightley picture from 2007 (via Wikipedia)

Did Keira Knightley get Plastic Surgery?

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