Did Kim Basinger have Plastic Surgery?

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Hollywood actress Kim Basinger has appeared in some incredible blockbuster movies such as ‘9 ½ Weeks’ and ‘Batman’ across the course of her career. She has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful and elegant women in Hollywood, but questions are now being asked as to whether this beauty is natural or achieved with assistance from a cosmetic surgeon. With all of the pressures associated with staying young and beautiful in Hollywood it would not be surprising if she has used plastic surgery to maintain her look, like so many others in her profession have before her.

Did Kim Basinger have Plastic Surgery?

The main rumour involves her having been through a face lift in order to retain her youthful features. The actress herself has neither denied nor confirmed ever having had any surgery, though experts in the field firmly believe that she has been under the knife. One giveaway is that there is none of the sagging skin that you would expect to see under the jaw and chin area and around her neck, but this is the only indication. She is known to be a fan of collagen therapy and uses different collagen based products to care for her skin, which because of their high protein content are able to keep the skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Before and After:

If she has had plastic surgery it has been done very well as the results look very natural. However until the actress comes out and confirms the rumours as true, we have to assume that a combination of great skin care; a healthy lifestyle and exercise are what keeps her looking young and beautiful. It may be that she seeks out a surgical solution to maintaining her looks in the future, in which case we shall be watching closely for any significant changes to the way that she looks.

Before and After pictures:

Kim Basinger picture from 1989 (via Wikipedia)

Kim Basinger picture from 1987 (via Imdb)

Kim Basinger picture from 1983 (via Imdb)

Did Kim Basinger have Plastic Surgery?

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