Did Kim Tae Hee undergo Plastic Surgery?

It is claimed by her many devoted fans that the plastic surgery procedures that Korean actress Kim Tae Hee has been through have given her the appearance of a goddess. The actress, star of popular films such as ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘My Princess’ has never been so popular with the public in general. As with many stars of the Korean entertainment industry plastic surgery is rumoured to have been used as a tool to enhance her appearance and boost her audience appeal. The best way to view any changes that have been made is to look at some before and after images of the actress.

Did Kim Tae Hee undergo Plastic Surgery?

As with many celebrities there has been no public announcement or clarification as to whether surgeries have definitely taken place, and the photographs would suggest only subtle changes to her face have been made, if any. Most of the speculation involves eye surgery. Double eyelid surgery is perhaps the most popular form of facial surgery in Korea. The effect of the surgery is to open up the eye area and make a subtle change to the shape of the eye. The eyes appear more rounded and western rather than traditionally Asian in shape. There is little in her pictures to suggest dramatic change, which could be credited to the hand of an extremely skilled surgeon.

Before and After:

The actress herself has remained silent on the subject, this could be simply because she has nothing she feels she has to defend, or simply because despite what the public want to believe she has really not had any surgery. It could be that she truly is natural beauty with an incredible screen presence. It may prove difficult for many of her fans to believe now, but if she does turn to plastic surgery in the future the results should be remarkable.

Before and After pictures:

Kim Tae Hee picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

More pictures of Kim Tae Hee (date unknown)

Did Kim Tae Hee undergo Plastic Surgery?

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