Did Lara Flynn Boyle have Plastic Surgery?

Lara Flynn starred in the iconic television series ‘Twin Peaks’, millions of people watched it though few understood it. She had a striking look then with defined features which gave her an expressive and attractive face, making her popular with an international male audience. Recent images of her bear little resemblance to the actress we remember. Some claim that she has had something go wrong with a cosmetic surgery procedure, but others claim that her face now is a result of having had too many surgeries in the past and not knowing when to stop.

Did Lara Flynn Boyle have Plastic Surgery?

When people have gone under the knife too many times their face tends to take on a certain look. Remember the faces of Donatella Versace and Pete Burns? It seems that Lara Flynn can now be added to this list of people who have unnatural, mask like faces. It is through a combination of surgical procedures such as lip implants, dermal fillers, nose jobs, Botox injections and cheek implants all in addition to a brow lift and face lift, which have left her with the face she has now.

Before and After:

The most noticeable changes to her face are around the mouth and the lower jaw. Her lips appear overly large and distort the rest of the features on her face. Her cheeks are puffy and her face is much more broad than it ever was. This could be the result of having had fat from another part of her body injected into her face in order to fill out wrinkles and make her look younger. Whatever surgery she has been through it has definitely been overdone and she needs to seriously consider what she does next. More facial surgeries could result in irrevocable damage, something she will simply have to live with for the rest of her life.

Before and After pictures:

Lara Flynn Boyle picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Lara Flynn Boyle picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Lara Flynn Boyle picture from 1999 (via Imdb)

Lara Flynn Boyle picture from 1990 (via Wikipedia)

Did Lara Flynn Boyle have Plastic Surgery?

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