Did Lara Spencer have Plastic Surgery? No!

Almost every celebrity on television is surrounded by speculation and rumours that they have been under the care of a plastic surgeon at some point in their career. Lara Spencer the celebrity lifestyle anchor on the ‘Good Morning America’ daytime television show is no exception. Born in 1969 Lara is now well into her forties and still looking remarkably young. It is for this reason that the plastic surgery rumours have started to circulate. Yet unlike the faces of other celebrities hers is not showing all of the usual signs of there having been some cosmetic enhancement at work.

Did Lara Spencer have Plastic Surgery?

The one treatment that most industry professionals agree that she may have had is Botox therapy as her brow is free from the lines which should generally be in place by this point in her life. Yet if she has, it has only been a tiny amount as she was photographed recently smiling into the camera lens with a few tiny wrinkles clearly visible. Whatever she is doing to maintain the appearance of her skin it is definitely working well as she looks much younger than she has a right to. The use of dermal fillers has also been brought into question as occasionally she looks as though her face is puffed out, a common side effect of the therapy.

Before and After:

She has been asked of course to confirm the rumours, and she always issues a denial in response. Then again, no one wants to admit that they are succumbing to the aging process do they? She does insist though, that she looks the way she does because she follows an active lifestyle and healthy diet. She also claims that she comes from an excellent genetic pool, with great skin and youthful looks running in the family. Until more obvious signs of surgery appear we will just have to take her at her word.

Before and After pictures:

Lara Spencer picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Lara Spencer picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Lara Spencer picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Did Lara Spencer have Plastic Surgery?

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