Did Lark Voorhies get Plastic Surgery?

Barely recognisable from her days playing Lisa Turtle in the popular High School based television show ‘Saved by the Bell’, Lark Voorhies does not appear to be handling the aging process well. Though she is remembered for being a teenager the actress is now forty and appears to be having more problems than just trying to combat lines and wrinkles. There have been plenty of reports of the actress turning up for interviews and making no sense, her speech and thought patterns disjointed and her focus anywhere but on the task at hand. Whether this is the result of stress or mental illness is unsure, but it could be the reason behind her poor choice in plastic surgery.

Did Lark Voorhies get Plastic Surgery?

Her face is now barely recognisable from that of the fresh faced teenager we remember. He makeup is over applied and she looks less actress and more drag queen. Her face appears puffy and distorted which would suggest that she has overdone the facial filler injections. Something appears to have happened to her nose and eyes too. This could be the result of a combination of treatments such as an eyelift, rhinoplasty and cheek implants which all together would alter the shape of her face. Whatever has happened it has left her with a piggy like look to her face, something which is not at all flattering.

Before and After:

Many men and women in the entertainment industry appreciate the difference that cosmetic surgery can make to the way that they look. In the case of this actress it may be that she needed to take more time to go through the decision making process and select the surgery which would have benefitted her the most. Unfortunately for her the decisions that she made were not entirely in her best interest, and they have left her with an unnatural and strange appearance.

Before and After pictures:

Lark Voorhies picture from 2012.

Lark Voorhies picture from 2008.

Lark Voorhies picture from 2002.

Did Lark Voorhies get Plastic Surgery?

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