Did Laura Prepon Have cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

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Laura Prepon is currently 34 years old and was born in 1980. Laura is a famous actress who sky-rocketed her career along with other careers on the hit TV show That 70’s Show. Not only did Laura receive almost instant Hollywood fame, but so did her co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Other films you might recognize Laura Prepon from are Orange Is the New Black, Chelsea and Are You There.

Laura didn’t always start out with the intention of acting though, because she used to be a model. However, all it took was one audition tape in 1998 sent to the right producer to land her a role that would transform her life.

Possible Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery?!

Rhinoplasty – This is the simple process of narrowing the nose or re-sculpting the nose. We can clearly see from the photo noted, that her nose appears to be slightly thinner and leaner than it used to.

Botox – As we can also see, her forehead has absolutely no signs of aging in the past 10 years, nor are there any signs of wrinkles. Botox is a very common and popular procedure to even out wrinkles and when it goes smoothly, Laura is sporting the look.

Cheek Implants – From this angle, we can see that her cheeks look slightly fuller than her previous picture from about 10 years ago. Is this an indication that she could have gotten cheek implants? Cheek implants are a simple and short procedure of filling up the cheeks so that they give off a slightly puffier or fuller look.

There are no credible sources to officially confirm or deny that Laura Prepon has had any kind of plastic surgery but going from the picture noted, there’s pretty strong evidence that there’s been some work done at least on the nose.

Before and after pictures:

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