Did Lauren Holly get Plastic Surgery?

Canadian-American actress Lauren Holly has appeared in a number of popular television shows such as ‘Picket Fences’ and ‘NCIS’. She has also appeared in a number of Hollywood movies such as ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (with Cheri Oteri), and was at one time married to the film’s star Jim Carrey. Born in 1963, the actress is now in her fifties and looking better than many women who are ten years younger than her. There are rumours in the tabloid press that claim that the actress can only look as good as she does with the help of cosmetic surgery, and that there is nothing natural about looking so good at her age, rumours which the actress appears to ignore.

Did Lauren Holly get Plastic Surgery?

It is clear from looking at before and after photographs that she has had her breasts enlarged, but other than boosting her confidence this should have little or no impact upon how youthful her face looks. She does look younger now that she should. There are no visible lines anywhere on her face and her skin is looking fresh and radiant. In the opinion of the popular press this is down to a number of surgical procedures and Botox therapy. Whilst the actress has never sought to deny the speculation she has not come out and confirmed it either. Whatever procedures she has been through the actress certainly looks comfortable in her own skin.

Before and After:

It has been reported that the surgeries that she has been through have been spread out across the last twenty years. This could be why she remains looking natural, as she has given herself time to grow into her new look after every surgery. Providing that she keeps to the same regime and does not opt for something dramatic, Lauren Holly could easily be one of the more naturally looking older actresses in Hollywood.

Before and After pictures:

Lauren Holly picture from 2007 (via Wikipedia)

Lauren Holly picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Lauren Holly picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Lauren Holly picture from 1998 (via Imdb)

Did Lauren Holly get Plastic Surgery?

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