Did Lee Hyori have Plastic Surgery?

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Lee Hyori is a popular South Korean singer. She originally hit the headlines as part of the all girl group ‘Fin.K.L’ before striking out on her own and releasing ‘Stylish’ her first solo album. The singer is still only thirty four and is already at the centre of a whole host of plastic surgery rumours. Many people are under the impression that she undertook plastic surgery in order to boost her career as a solo artist on the K.Pop scene.

Did Lee Hyori have Plastic Surgery?

She is rumoured to have been through a rhinoplasty procedure, as well as having eyelid surgery, breast implants and some cosmetic dentistry. The singer and actress is regarded as being one of the most beautiful in the Korean entertainment industry, but many are now asking if her beauty is natural or manufactured. If she has indeed been through a breast enlargement procedure the effects of the surgery are quite natural. Her breast size has not increased to anything larger than her body can handle. Like many stars in South Korea the star is not keen to come forward and make any comment on the rumours which surround her. Her fans however claim that all the evidence needed to prove she has is visible in before and after images of the celebrity.

Before and After pictures:

Lee Hyori picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

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Did Lee Hyori have Plastic Surgery?

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