Did Maria Shriver ever have Plastic Surgery?

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Author of a number of bestselling books, accomplished journalist and a member of the influential Kennedy family, Maria Shriver has been in the public eye for a considerable amount of time. Married at one time to actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger she is no stranger to being in front of the camera. You simply have to look at the woman’s face to know that she is familiar with the inside of a plastic surgery clinic. As far as plastic surgery rumours are concerned its not a question of has she been under the knife? It’s more a question of what has she had done?

Did Maria Shriver ever have Plastic Surgery?

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures undertaken by aging celebrities is the face lift or rhytidectomy. During the process the excess skin around the face is removed which tightens up the underlying tissue. After the procedure and after the healing process has ended the recipient is left with a much younger appearance. When Maria discovered her husband had not only been unfaithful, but fathered a child with the woman that used to be their maid, her self confidence took a major blow, and many believe this is why she started on her plastic surgery journey.

Before and After:

She is believed to have not only a face lift but also Botox injections to remove the wrinkles from her face, in order to keep her looking younger for longer. Like many celebrities Maria has remained silent regarding the plastic surgery rumours which surround her. Many of her fans are still willing to believe that she is a natural beauty who has not undertaken any procedures in order to keep her artificially young. Yet there are many more both in the entertainment industry and the world of cosmetic enhancement which disagree, and believe that a woman of her age can only look so good without a little outside help.

Before and After pictures:

Maria Shriver picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Maria Shriver picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Maria Shriver picture from 2010.

Maria Shriver picture from 2007.

Did Maria Shriver ever have Plastic Surgery?

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