Did Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery?

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There have long been plastic surgery rumours surrounding the face of Marie Osmond. The appearance of her face is known to have changed many times of the years, and it is now not a question of whether or not she has had surgery, but more a case of what will she do next. These days the skin in her face is looking far too tight to be natural which has sparked speculation that she has been through more facial surgeries in an effort to remain young, but just how many surgeries and procedures remains a mystery.

Did Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1959, as the only girl in a family of nine children, the celebrity is now in her mid fifties and seems determined to not age any more than she has to. Comments have been made by people in the media that due to the different surgeries that she has been through her face looks like that of a doll with a near plastic appearance. Her eyebrows have been described as being excessively arched and she is sporting the classic trout pout, a clear sign that collagen has been overused in an attempt to plump out her lips.

Before and After:

The star herself has been reported as saying that she sees nothing wrong in using surgery in order to hold onto youth, as a youthful and beautiful appearance seems to be more prized by today’s society than knowledge and wisdom. She also believes that if having surgery can make someone feel better about the way that they look they should go for it. She has been open about having undergone laser therapy in order to improve the appearance of her skin, but has refused to confirm suspicions relating to face lifts, nose jobs, eye lifts and other surgical procedures which she is believed to have undertaken.

Before and After pictures:

Marie Osmond picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Marie Osmond picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Marie Osmond picture from 1999 (via Imdb)

Marie Osmond picture from 1978 (via Imdb)

Did Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery?

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