Did Mary Mccormack Plastic Surgery?

Actress Mary McCormack appears in the hit television series ‘Murder One’, people will also remember her for the character of Kate Harper in the popular series ‘The West Wing’ (with Stockard Channing). Born in 1969, the actress is now in her mid forties. As with many women in her profession her looks are drawing attention from fans and the media alike as she does not appear to be aging naturally. Questions are being asked about how she is managing to remain looking young and fresh faced.

Did Mary Mccormack Plastic Surgery?

Compare images of the actress and you will notice that there are some subtle changes to the way that she looks. Her lips appear to be larger and more plump, which would suggest the use of collagen or some other form of filler injection. She is also rumoured to have had a nose job, as it appears to be more narrow now than it was previously. Her face also gives the impression of having received Botox therapy as she is without the lines and wrinkles that at her age she should expect to be showing. The procedures that she had put herself through so far are fairly non invasive and have allowed her to remain looking naturally beautiful.

Before and After pictures:

Mary Mccormack picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia) + another picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Mary Mccormack picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Mary Mccormack picture from 1998 (via Imdb)

Did Mary Mccormack Plastic Surgery?

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