Did Melanie Griffith have Plastic Surgery?

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Famous for appearing in the movie ‘Working Girl’, and now a successful film producer in her own right, actress Melanie Griffith has also hit the headlines for being one of those celebrities for whom plastic surgery has not been a success. Born in 1957 the actress is now in her late fifties and has already put herself through numerous plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her looks like so many Hollywood actresses do. Compare her face now to her face when she first appeared on the big screen and you will see that massive changes have taken place, not all of which have been for the best.

Did Melanie Griffith have Plastic Surgery?

She is reported to have been through several face lift procedures as well as lip augmentation, breast enlargement, liposuction, dermabrasion, facial fillers and Botox therapy. Her lips have earned her the ‘trout pout’ label as they appear to be over full, a result of the overuse of collagen. Most people’s facial features change naturally as they age. In the case of this actress parts of her face seem to have been frozen in time. Many believe that after her disastrous early surgery which left her looking puffy faced and very unnatural, she put herself through repeat surgeries in order to correct what went wrong.

Before and After:

She was reported as suffering from low self esteem and having a lack of confidence in her overall body image. The surgery was an attempt to give her the confidence that she needed. There are reports that her repeated surgeries have put a strain on her marriage to actor Antonio Banderas, and in order to keep their marriage intact she has agreed not to have any more procedures carried out. Perhaps he is worried that surgery will become an addiction and his wife will become another actress ridiculed for her obsession in maintaining her youth at any cost.

Before and After pictures:

Melanie Griffith picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Melanie Griffith picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture (via Imdb)

Melanie Griffith picture from 2000 (via Wikipedia)

Did Melanie Griffith have Plastic Surgery?

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