Did Melissa Gilbert have Plastic Surgery?

Melissa Gilbert has been appearing on our television screens since she was a child. The role of Laura Ingles Wilder in the long running ‘The Little House on the Prairie’ TV series allowed to public to watch her grow from a child into a young woman. Now aged fifty and a mother to two children, she seems to be defying the aging process by looking much younger than she should. Naturally there are a mountain of plastic surgery rumours surrounding her, all of which could explain how she manages to look so good for her age.

Did Melissa Gilbert have Plastic Surgery?

Many of the rumours relate to breast enhancement surgery and rhinoplasty, as well as the ever popular Botox therapy many actresses turn to. Because she has been on our screens from the age of five, we have been able to watch her change from a small child into a young adult in front of our eyes. It is when you compare images of her in her twenties to those now that you appreciate that there is more to the change in her face than can be credited to nature. There are subtle changes to the shape of her eyes and nose which suggest the hand of a surgeon has been involved.

Before and After:

She is widely believed to have undergone breast augmentation surgery in order to provide her with larger and more rounded breasts. For a woman her age they appear to be a little too perky to be natural. Whatever work she has had done to her face she must be pleased with the results as she looks totally natural, unlike many actresses her age. If she is indeed managing to look this good without any cosmetic facial enhancements then she needs to sell her beauty secrets to the population at large, as many women would love to look as good as she does at fifty.

Before and After pictures:

Melissa Gilbert picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Melissa Gilbert picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Melisa Gilbert picture from 1991 (via Wikipedia)

Did Melissa Gilbert have Plastic Surgery?

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