Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

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Meryl Streep is one of the most widely respected actresses ever to have come out of Hollywood. A star of stage and screen she is now half way through her sixties and looking wonderful. She sports the fresh faced look so common with those undergoing Botox therapy, though does not appear to have followed the road taken by so many of her contemporaries into the world of over enthusiastic plastic surgery. She still looks the way that she should look, however with a few cosmetic tweaks here and there to keep her looking naturally beautiful.

Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

Looking at photographs of the actress taken across the last few decades it is clear to see that steps have been taken to combat the aging process. There is talk of her having had a face lift, the results of which are maintained through the use of Botox therapy. Experts in the cosmetic industry also believe that she has undergone blepharoplasty; eyelid surgery which opens out the eye area which results in a younger looking face. Of course Ms Streep is keen to deny all of the surgery rumours stating that the reasons she looks so good is because of the diet and exercise routine that she follows.

Before and After:

We all know that diet and exercise can only do so much with respect to skin quality and outward appearance. A woman her age should be showing all of the natural signs of aging such as laughter lines and crow’s feet, as well as thinning lips. The skin should also be sagging slightly on her face and neck as the natural elastic properties of the skin are diminished with age. While she may be able to make the odd wrinkle when she pulls a face, it is clear that there is more toning and plumping out her skin than natural methods can provide.

Before and After pictures:

Meryl Streep picture from 2014 (via Wikipedia)

Meryl Streep picture from 2004 (via Wikipedia)

Meryl Streep picture from 1989 (via Wikipedia)

Meryl Streep picture from 1970 (via Wikipedia)

Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

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