Did Park Bom get Plastic Surgery?

Only just in her thirties, singer Park Bom has become very familiar with what plastic surgery can do for your appearance. The lead vocalist with Korean band 2NE1 her fans are rumoured to be less than happy with the way that her looks have changed. It is claimed that she places herself in the hands of the cosmetic surgeon every year to undergo treatment to get the face that she wants. Unfortunately not all surgeries result in perfect looks, and there has been some talk about a chin implant procedure which went wrong, and rather than improving her look she looked much worse.

Did Park Bom get Plastic Surgery?

Images spanning her career so far illustrate just how much work that she has had done. Amongst the procedures that she is believed to have had are cheek and chin implants, double eyelid surgery, a nose job and Botox injections. It would appear that she has attempted to change her face to a more western/Caucasian appearance, something which is common amongst Korean celebrities. She has appeared at events with her face looking puffed out and which is often the case after someone has received injections of Botox of dermal fillers.

Before and After:

The singer has confirmed that she has been through a number of surgical procedures on her face, but claims that is was for health related reasons. She also denies having been in receipt of cheek implants of filler injections, she claims that her face swells as a side effect of having a problem with her lymph nodes. She has stated that all of the surgery that she has been through relating to her eyes and nose was in an effort to reduce the swelling in her face caused by her medical condition. It seems a little hard to believe, especially when you consider that a chin implant which dramatically changed the shape of her face could not be classed as being health related.

Before and After pictures:

Park Bom picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Another picture of Park Bom (don’t know the year)

Another picture of Park Bom (don’t know the year)

Did Park Bom get Plastic Surgery?

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