Did Park Min Young get Plastic Surgery?

Korean actress Park Min Young is famous for appearing in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ on Korean television. Like many other promising young Asian actors she has taken the cosmetic surgery route in order to enhance her natural looks and features. From comparing her before and after pictures it is clear that her surgeon deserves some praise, as the changes that he has made to her face look incredibly natural and beautiful, which is more than can be said for some American actresses who have gone under the knife.

Did Park Min Young get Plastic Surgery?

When you examine her face you can see that there have been two major changes which have taken place. Like many Asian actors; both male and female, she has opted for surgery to open out her eyes and give them a more westernised appearance. This involves a procedure known as double eyelid surgery. Her eyes now appear much wider, which adds to the overall youthful look of her face. Secondly she also appears to have had some extensive surgery carried out in the lower jaw area, as the shape of her face has changed considerably from what it was. In the before pictures her face is more rounded and her jaw more heavily set. The after images portray her with a heart shaped face and more delicate jaw line, a very feminine look.

Before and After:

It seems that the combination of the different facial surgeries the actress received is something that is becoming popular with many Korean women, whether they are celebrities or not. The surgery undertaken by Park Min Young is a credit to the cosmetic surgery industry in Korea, as very rarely do you see results which look so naturally beautiful. Hopefully she will not be tempted to have repeat surgeries over time which will damage the natural look which she wears so well at the moment.

Before and After pictures:

Park Min Young picture from Wikipedia (date unknown)

Park Min Young picture (date unknown)

Another Park Min Young picture (date unknown)

One other picture from Park Min Young (date unknown)

Did Park Min Young get Plastic Surgery?

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