Did Robin Mcgraw get Plastic Surgery (For real?)

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Robin McGraw is best known as the wife of popular television show host Dr. Phil. She’s also a well renowned author with two very successful titles (What’s Age Got to Do with It and Inside My Heart). Not only have her books been featured as bestsellers in the New York Times, but she has also starred on The Bold and The Beautiful for one episode.

As expected, she’s been on Dr. Phil, she’s made appearances on Larry King Live and Entertainment Tonight as well. Besides being a devoted wife of 37 years, she also has raised two children; Jay, 33 and Jordan, 26. She’s made it her own personal mission to put her family first.

Possible Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery (just rumors):

While Robin McGraw claims that her body has been kept in check naturally, there have been evidence and rumors that suggest otherwise.

Botox Injections – To get rid of wrinkles when you age, a lot of people use what’s called Botox. As you can see from the before and after photo, it appears Robin has received many of these Botox injections to help smooth out her entire face. Her entire forehead is completely free of any sign of wrinkles at only 55 years old.

Nose Job – There are multiple types of nose jobs out there, but Robin in the after picture appears to have had a nose lift, where they slightly elevate the nose and make it appear slightly smaller. Her nose appears leaner in the after photo.

Lip Implants – A lip augmentation is when they take some material similar to hyaluronic acid and injects it into the lips to help give it more definition and make the lips fuller. As you can see from the before and after picture, her lips have a more plump and full look 15 years later.

Before and After pictures:

Before video (a couple of years ago)

After picture (in 2013 with her husband)

Here is another before/after picture.

Has robin mcgraw had plastic surgery her face?

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