Did Sarah Chalke get Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Chalke is a recognisable face from the world of the American sitcom, having made regular appearances in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and the medical sitcom ‘Scrubs’ (with Christa Miller). Despite being a naturally beautiful woman, it seems that once the wrinkles started to appear she decided to take steps to fight the aging process. From being seen at public events with a few crow’s feet and laughter lines on her face, she appeared with impossibly smooth; wrinkle free skin. It isn’t just the quality and texture of her skin that has changed though, as there have also been more noticeable changes taking place to her features over the years.

Did Sarah Chalke get Plastic Surgery?

One of the first things to change was her nose, this was noticed by the population at large when she was appearing in the sitcom ‘Roseanne’. She refused to comment on the surgery which had obviously taken place, and went on to have a few more procedures over the following years. Comparing images of her taken over the course of her career you can see that the changes that have been made have been relatively subtle. She has no dark circles or sagging skin under her eyes, and her eyes too are now seemingly wider and brighter than they were before. All of which points to her having undergone some form of eyelid and under eye surgery to improve their appearance.

Now and then:

It is a well known fact that those in the acting profession feel pressured to maintain a certain image, and plastic or cosmetic surgery is one way of doing this. Thankfully, whichever treatments and surgeries that Sarah went through have left her looking youthful and fresh faced, rather than fake and doll like. Hopefully as she travels further through her career she will not make the mistake of overusing the surgeon’s knife to maintain her looks.

Sarah Chalke before and after pictures:

Sarah Chalke in 2002 (before any surgery?!)

Sarah Chalke in 2005 (before any surgery?!)

Sarah Clalke in 2012 (after some surgeries?!)

Did Sarah Chalke get a nose job?

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