Did Sean Patrick Flanery have Plastic Surgery?

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Actor Sean Patrick Flanery came to prominence after starring in the ‘Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’. He then went on to star in other movies such as ‘Deadly Impact’. He has developed quite a fan base, who themselves have created quite a stir on social media and in internet forums as they come together to discuss the way that the face of the actor seems to have changed. They are claiming that his face and eyes look swollen and they are concerned that this is the result of the actor having undertaken some facial cosmetic surgery.

Did Sean Patrick Flanery have Plastic Surgery?

By comparing images of the actor it is possible to see why his fans are concerned, as they do offer some compelling evidence that something has been done to his face. Rumours are circulating relating to cheek implants and even a face lift procedure. When interviewed and asked directly about having undergone surgery, the actor denied their being any truth to any of the rumours that surrounded him. He claimed that he has never had any form of cosmetic surgery and never thought about having any kind of cosmetic work done. This is something that many of his fans are having a hard time believing.

Before and After:

In the film and television industry the pressure to remain youthful and attractive is intense, many actors turn to cosmetic surgery in order to prolong their acting careers. It is not unusual either for an actor to undergo certain procedures and then deny all reports of having done so. In this case, fans of the actor will have to accept his explanation of a change in diet, exercise and lifestyle habits being at the root of any changes in his physical appearance. Until that its, the story breaks and the rumours are proved to be true beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Before and After pictures:

Sean Patrick Flanery picture from 2014 (via Wikipedia)

Sean Patrick Flanery picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Sean Patrick Flanery picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Sean Patrick Flanery picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Did Sean Patrick Flanery have Plastic Surgery?

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