Did Shayne Lamas have Plastic Surgery?

Shane Lamas is remembered for being the winner of ‘The Bachelorstwelfth season. She is also the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. The star of American reality television is not yet thirty, but already she has made several visits to the plastic surgeon. The list of procedures that she is already reported to have put herself through indicates that she was insecure in the way she looked prior to the surgery.

Did Shayne Lamas have Plastic Surgery?

She is believed to have been for liposuction treatment, butt implants and breast augmentation. There is also speculation that she has had work carried out on her nose. Like many actresses she has also had her lips filled out to provide her with a more sensual pout. It is rumoured that the surgeries that she selected cost her somewhere in the region of $70,000. She is believed to have had the liposuction treatment carried out on her thighs in order to reduce the look of cellulite in that area. She is also believed to be receiving Botox injections into her face in order to limit the formation of lines and wrinkles. At her age she should not yet be concerned about such signs of aging, yet she seems to be taking proactive action in the hope of holding off the aging process.

Before and After pictures:

Shayne Lamas picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Shayne Lamas picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Did Shayne Lamas have Plastic Surgery?

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