Did Shemar Moore have Plastic Surgery?

Shamar Moore had a career as a successful model before he made his name as an actor in television series such as ‘The Young and the Restless’ and ‘Criminal Minds’. He is surrounded by rumours regarding whether or not he has had plastic surgery, and to be honest of you look at a set of before and after images you will only see the very slightest of changes. It is thought that the majority of the surgery that he has received came about as a result of him being involved in an accident which required him to undergo reconstructive surgery.

Did Shemar Moore have Plastic Surgery?

One of the most noticeable changes is to his nose. In early images you can clearly see that his nose has a bump on the bridge, it was also a little broader and larger than it is now. Clearly this more refined nasal outline is a result of rhinoplasty. There are also rumours that he has had surgery on his chest too. Sources claim that any surgery carried out in the chest area was due to injuries sustained in the accident. However, who is to say that a little cosmetic augmentation did not take place at the same time as the other surgery was going on?

Before and After:

Whatever plastic surgery has taken place it has been carried out in such as way as to provide subtle enhancements rather than dramatic change. It was not until after the accident that the rumours started to circulate. This is hardly surprising considering facial bones were broken in the accident, which meant that surgery was impossible to avoid in order to correct the damage to his face. While there has been no confirmation from Shamar Moore himself regarding the reconstructive or cosmetic surgery which took place, it is clear to see from his photographs that there have been subtle changes to his appearance.

Before and after pictures:

Shemar Moore picture from 2014.

Shemar Moore picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Shemar Moore picture from 2009 (via Imdb) + Another picture.

Did Shemar Moore have Chest Plastic Surgery?

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