Did Smokey Robinson get Plastic Surgery?

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Smokey Robinson is one of the biggest stars ever to have come out of Detroit’s Motown. With his group ‘The Miracles’ he regularly topped the music charts both in the US and the UK. Smokey is still highly respected in the music industry and is currently Vice President of Motown. Now in his 70’s, rather than looking his age he looks much more youthful than he did twenty years ago. Looking at pictures from his hay day, and comparing them against recently taken photographs it is clear to see that much of the credit for his appearance can be laid at the feet of his plastic surgeon.

Did Smokey Robinson get Plastic Surgery?

There are many that claim that his look is unnatural and that he has taken his facial surgery too far. It is clear from his recent images that he has received a brow lift, undergone eyelid surgery and even had a complete face lift. This is all the more obvious as Smokey is now in his 70’s and should be showing signs of the skin losing its natural elasticity, which allows for the formation of facial wrinkles. However, when you look at Smokey’s face there is not a wrinkle in sight. In fact the skin is so taut that there is no way that a wrinkle could appear.

Before and after:

Sadly one of the effects of all of this surgery has resulted in his eyebrows appearing to be too high upon his forehead, giving him an almost permanently startled expression. There is no denying that the surgery has made him look younger, however it also seems to have removed all of the personality and character from his face. With skin so smooth and taught it can make forming facial expressions difficult and it appears that Smokey, although he looks good, may struggle to form a naturally expressive smile.

Before and after surgery pictures:

Smokey Robinson picture from 1998.

Smokey Robinson picture from 2000.

Smokey Robinson picture from 2006.

Smokey Robinson picture from 2011.

Smokey Robison picture in 2012.

Did Smokey Robinson get Plastic Surgery?

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