Did Toni Braxton have Plastic Surgery?

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Musician and singer Toni Braxton is most well known for her chart topping single ‘Un-break My Heart’ released in the mid 1990’s. The star was born in 1967 which means she is now in her late forties. Whatever her birth certificate says that her age is, her face and body say something totally different as she looks a good few years younger. In a number of interviews she has given to different celebrity and music magazines, she has openly discussed the fact that she had a nose job and breast augmentation during the early 1990’s, yet refutes all suggestions that she is receiving Botox therapy at the moment.

Did Toni Braxton have Plastic Surgery?

Like many women she claims that changing her nose and increasing her breast size did wonders for her confidence levels, and removed any negativity she felt about her body image. Despite the fact that she denies ever having any anti aging or filler therapy on her face, there are those in the cosmetic enhancement business which say differently. They claim that there has been a subtle alteration to the shape of her face especially around her cheeks, which would suggest that she has been receiving injections of dermal filler in order to keep her face plump and youthful.

Before and After:

Whether she has had extra surgeries and anti aging therapies or not, you have to give the lady some credit for coming out and claiming that she had surgery to enhance the way she looked at the beginning of her career. She believes that not only did the surgery make her feel better about herself, she also became more attractive to the industry in which she wanted to succeed. It may well be that in a few more years the signs that she is seeking help to fight the aging process will be more noticeable.

Before and After pictures:

Toni Braxton picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Toni Braxton picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Toni Braxton picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Toni Braxton picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Did Toni Braxton have Plastic Surgery?

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