Did Vanessa Marcil have Plastic Surgery?

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Actress Vanessa Marcil has appeared in a number of successful television series including ‘General Hospital’ (with Jack Wagner) and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. Born in 1968, she is now in her mid forties and looking great. The way the she looks has been discussed in celebrity magazines and on internet forums, with the majority of her fans agreeing that she must have had some help to look the way that she does. Her wrinkle free, youthful face is just too perfect to be natural.

Did Vanessa Marcil have Plastic Surgery?

By examining some before and after images of Vanessa there is a suggestion that the hand of a surgeon has been at work. Thankfully none of the procedures and therapies that she has been through have left her looking fake and unnatural, rather they have been subtle enhancements to the features she has. If you look at her nose; especially around the area of the bridge, you will notice that it seems to be a little more slender than it used to be. This has added a sense of refinement to her features and provided a little more symmetry to her face.

Before and After:

Considering her profession it would be more unusual if she hadn’t had Botox and filler injections in order to plump out her face and keep it wrinkle free. It is a treatment common in Hollywood and for many people their first venture into cosmetic enhancement. Her lips too have the perfect shape to them which is achieved through subtle lip augmentation, and perhaps a little collagen too in order to create the perfect pout. She is also rumoured to have undergone breast augmentation surgery in order to have slightly larger and more well shaped breasts. No matter how many procedures she may have subjected herself to over the years, she still looks remarkably natural. Hopefully she will not be tempted into having more major surgery in the future.

Before and after pictures:

Vanessa Marcil picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Vanessa Marcil picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Vanesa Marcil picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Did Vanessa Marcil have Plastic Surgery?

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