Did Vanna White have Plastic Surgery? For Real?

Famous for being the hostess on the television quiz show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Vanna White looks surprisingly good for her age. Her looks have been the subject of some debate in the celebrity lifestyle magazines of late though. There is speculation that she has been undergoing cosmetic surgery treatments in order to stay looking good for as long as possible; while there is an opposing argument that she looks so well because she has great genes and a healthy and active lifestyle. If you study images of her you will notice that there are none of the regular signs of aging anywhere on her face.

Did Vanna White have Plastic Surgery?

However this was not always true. Back in 2007 she was captured in a less than flattering photograph which clearly showed that her face had all of the signs of aging that you would expect on a woman in her fifties. The skin on her cheeks had started to sag a little and she had the crow’s feet and laughter lines common with all women her age. So what happened? It would seems that Vanna white has discovered the wonders of Botox and dermal fillers. These days her skin in smooth and taut and there is not a deep set wrinkle in sight.

Before and After:

It is possible that in order to get the face that she wanted she had to go through a face lift procedure as well as a eyelid surgery and a series of Botox injections. Cheek implants could also be the reason why her cheeks appear more shapely than before, but no matter what amount of surgery she has actually been through there is no denying that it went well and achieved amazing results. This is a case of celebrity plastic surgery being successful, rather than just another surgery gone wrong horror story.

Before and After pictures:

Vanna White picture from 2002.

Vanna White picture from 2006.

Vanna White picture from 2011.

Did Vanna White have Plastic Surgery?

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