Did Victoria Principal have Plastic Surgery?

Victoria Principal was one of the biggest television stars of the 1980’s, regularly appearing in the hit television show ‘Dallas’. She has been the subject of plastic surgery rumours for years. However there has been more publicity surrounding her lately as her skin appears unnaturally smooth and wrinkle free, despite the actress being well into her sixties. Victoria has long been admired for the way that she looks and the way that her skin has always appeared so flawless. However, as she has aged more and more people are wondering just how much of her look is down to cosmetic enhancement rather than natural beauty.

Did Victoria Principal have Plastic Surgery?

Looking at pictures of her taken over the last few decades, the changes to her face are plain to see. Like many actresses she appreciates the difference that Botox injections can make to her face but so far has not admitted to having undergone any surgical procedures. Her denial in the face of such obvious evidence is hard to believe, though when you consider that she has her own range of beauty and skin care products it is understandable. It makes sense that she would want the world to think that she looks the way that she does because she uses her own cosmetic range.

Before and After:

Many experts in the surgical field believe that there have been more than Botox injections at play, citing evidence of eyelid surgery, facial fillers, cheek implants and breast augmentation. All of which are common surgical choices for women her age. The shape and appearance of her face is no longer natural, the skin is smooth and appears tight. Her cheeks are far too rounded and plump for her advancing age, and there is no sign of the sagging skin which she should have around her chin and neck. It seems that being married to a plastic surgeon suits her.

Before and After pictures:

Victoria Principal picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Victoria Principal picture from 1988 (via Imdb)

Victoria Principal picture from 1973 (via Imdb)

Did Victoria Principal have Plastic Surgery during Dallas?

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