Did Wayne Newton have Plastic Surgery?

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In the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement there are some people who clearly do not know when to stop; when to call it a day, and when to back away from the surgeon’s knife. Wayne Newton is one such person. Recent images of the Las Vegas star have shown him looking unnatural, his face bloated and his skin stretched too tight. It would appear that in his desire to recapture his youth and look exactly like he used to at the height of his career, he has taken the surgery a step too far.

Did Wayne Newton have Plastic Surgery?

You can see from his photographs that he has been through a catalogue of procedures from face lifts to Botox. From the look of his face it would be sensible to assume that he has gone too far with the filler injections, had one too many procedures or indeed had a surgery go wrong in order for him to look the way that he does. During a face lift the skin is pulled upwards and back, removing any excess or sagging skin, Newton is reported to have through this procedure a number of times. He has also had eyelid surgery, eyelifts and more than one nose job in order to try and recapture his youth.

Before and After:

Now in his seventies he appears to be reluctant to concede to the aging process and keeps trying to reverse the natural signs of aging. While he has never come forward and explained the procedures that he has been through it is obvious that he is a fan of dermal fillers. His face has been plumped out so much it has taken on an almost feminine appearance. When done for the right reasons cosmetic surgery can be a wonderful thing. In this instance, in the quest to remain young Wayne Newton has turned himself into an example of what happens when plastic surgery is overdone.

Before and After pictures:

Wayne Newton picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Wayne Newton picture from 2005 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Wayne Newton picture from 1962 (via Imdb)

Did Wayne Newton have Plastic Surgery?

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