Does Barry Manilow have Plastic Surgery?

Singer/songwriter Barry Manilow has been working in the entertainment industry for more than forty years. Born in 1943, he is now in his seventies and still working live shows and releasing albums. It is not a case of there being plastic surgery rumours surrounding him, as it is obvious that he has turned to the plastic surgeon for help on more than one occasion. What people are more interested in is determining just how much surgery that he has had, as from the looks of his face he is definitely not a fan of the natural aging process.

Does Barry Manilow have Plastic Surgery?

Many people in the entertainment industry believe that once you start losing your looks and stage appeal the public will lose interest in you. Hence the popularity of plastic surgery amongst the older generation of artists. In many cases one or two simple surgeries are enough to give the celebrity the look that they want, but in some cases it seems that there is no cut off point, and the procedures are taken to the extreme. This latter case could be applied to Mr Manilow as right now his face looks a long way from natural.

Before and After:

His face may be remarkably wrinkle free, but the skin looks incredibly tight and over stretched. There is evidence of Botox treatment, often used to maintain the texture and quality of the skin after a major face lift. Surgery does not appear to be something new to the singer as when you look back over his career the shape of his face and facial features have altered a few times. Upper and lower face lifts, eyelid surgery and chin implants are just some of the things that he has put his face through over the years. However he never seems to have been tempted to alter the shape of his nose, his most recognisable feature.

Before and After pictures:

Barry Manilow picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Barry Manilow picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Barry Manilow picture from 1979 (from Wikipedia)

Does Barry Manilow have Plastic Surgery?

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