Does Bethenny Frankel have Plastic Surgery?

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Bethenny Frankel is an American reality TV star and former talk show host. She is also an author and likes to think of herself as an entrepreneur. She is admired for having many talents including how she manages to remain looking young when she is in her forties. Known for being a self driven go-getter none of her fans would be surprised to learn that she has used cosmetic enhancement techniques in order to maintain the image she wants to project.

Does Bethenny Frankel have Plastic Surgery?

She herself has talked openly about the fact that she has been receiving Botox therapy, and admitted that the procedure has not been as successful as it should have been. Some of the nerves and muscles in her face have been rendered immobile as a result of the injections and it has left her looking a little unnatural. While she claims that she is not in receipt of regular Botox therapy it is clear that there is something going on with her face. If she had stopped using the treatment natural lines and wrinkles should be starting to appear. She is also known to have undergone breast augmentation surgery on two occasions, once for enlargement and then again to have the implants changed as she felt they made her look like a stripper.

Before and After pictures:

Bethenny Frankel picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Bethenny Frankel picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Bethenny Frankley picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Does Bethenny Frankel have Plastic Surgery?

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