Does Cher have Plastic Surgery?

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There is perhaps no other star more associated with plastic surgery than actress and musician Cher. At 67 years of age she has been on our screens and in our music collections for decades, yet her look has changed little as the years have gone by. Unlike many other celebrities Cher is not shy about revealing the truth about the surgeries and enhancements that she has had, but denies that she has ever received cheek implants claiming instead that striking cheek bones are a family trait. She also claims the rumour that she has had a rib removed too ridiculous to believe.

Does Cher have Plastic Surgery?

There are many people that claim she has had so much surgery that there is very little of the original woman left, and when you look at the extensive list of procedures she has undertaken it is easy to see why. She has no problem owning up to the fact that she has had breast implants and a nose job to reduce the size of her nose. Yet one of the most impressive procedures she has had has been to remove the fatty tissue from her stomach, which has left her with a stunning silhouette. She has been through facelift procedures; had her eyelids lifted and lips enhanced, and receives regular Botox injections in order to keep her skin looking smooth and wrinkle free.

Before and After:

Cher has a body that she is not afraid of showing off and she is famed for wearing revealing gowns and stage costumes which show off her incredible figure. She really is a good example of what plastic surgery can achieve when performed correctly and without it being taken to extremes. This is one woman who has defied the aging process successfully and remains as vibrant and popular today as she was in the beginning of her career.

Before and After pictures:

Cher picture from 1970 (via Wikipedia)

Cher picture from 1967 (via Wikipedia)

Cher picture from 1960 (via Wikipedia)

Does Cher have Plastic Surgery?

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