Does Christie Brinkley have Plastic Surgery?

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Though she was born in 1954, actress and former model Christie Brinkley is looking remarkably well for her age. At sixty years of age she should be showing all of the natural signs of aging such as facial lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Yet the actress appears as fresh faced now as she did twenty years ago. As a result there has been much speculation about the plastic surgery she must have been though in order to retain such a young looking appearance. With the media going to town on the number of procedures she may have had and the therapies she may have subjected herself to.

Does Christie Brinkley have any Plastic Surgery?

The difference that the surgeries have made to her appearance can be seen if you look at a range of images of the actress taken over the past twenty years. Rather than age in the pictures she either appears to not change at all, or remarkably she looks younger. There are many that believe that she owes her looks to extensive Botox therapy, as well as eyelid surgery, an eyelift and a face lift too. The skin on her face has the tight, smooth look so commonly found on women in the entertainment industry. All of the natural expression lines appear to have been filled out to the point where the face seems to rigid to be either comfortable or real.

Before and After:

The actress herself lays a lot of credit for the way that she looks at the fact that she follows a healthy lifestyle, that and she says that good genes run in her family. There is no denying that she definitely looks good for her age, but she needs to be careful that she does not take the anti aging therapies too far. One injection too many and she could end up with a face which is permanently frozen.

Before and After pictures:

Christie Brinkley picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Christie Brinkley picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Christie Brinkley picture from 2007 (via Wikipedia)

Christie Brinkley picture from 2005 (again, via Wikipedia)

Does Christie Brinkley have Plastic Surgery?

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