Does Joanna Krupa Have Plastic Surgery?

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Joanna Krupa is one of the stars of the American reality television series ‘Real Housewives of Miami’, she is also a famous and celebrated model. Being in the limelight so often has left her open to criticism from those who question her image and the way that it is maintained. Recently she gave an interview and talked openly about the procedures that she had had in an effort to maintain her appearance. Just as importantly, she also talked about the procedures that she hadn’t had, hoping that this would put an end to all of the plastic surgery rumours which follow her wherever she goes.

Does Joanna Krupa Have Plastic Surgery?

She claims that she has only been under the knife twice, and in both instances it was for breast augmentation surgery (read more about it here). She also admitted to having undertaken other, less invasive procedures too in an effort to rejuvenate her skin. She admitted to having injections into her face to straighten the way that her nose looks and also treatment to combat cellulite, something which many women struggle to come to terms with. She has also had collagen therapy for her lips, but claims that she no longer receives those injections.

Before and After:

With regards to the liposuction and cheek implant rumours, they were firmly denied. She claims that her large, defined cheek bones are an Eastern European trait, something she inherited from her ancestors. As a way of proving that she had never received liposuction treatment to her legs, she placed them on view to show that there were no tell tale scars from having received the therapy. She claims that the only reason she had breast augmentation surgery twice is because the first time she chose implants which were too large for her body size, and needed to have them reduced to a size more in proportion to her frame.

Before and After pictures:

Joanna Krupa picture from 2011 + Another picture from 2011.

Joanna Krupa picture from 2008.

Does Joanna Krupa Have Breast Implant Plastic Surgery?

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