Does Melissa Rivers have Plastic Surgery?

If ever there was an example of what can happen if you choose to travel the road of plastic surgery, Melissa Rivers should have learned it well from her mother Joan. Comedienne Joan Rivers has had more plastic surgery than enough and her daughter has warned her against having any more, fearing that it is putting her health at risk. Despite her warning her mother about the dangers it has not stopped the television host seeking out surgery for herself. Born in 1968, Melissa is now in her mid forties and is already seeking surgical help to fight the aging process.

Does Melissa Rivers have Plastic Surgery?

Melissa has not been shy about the surgery that she has been through, and has talked openly about the procedures she had on a number of occasions. She admits that she has undergone breast implant surgery to increase the size of her bust. She also admits to having had her a nose job to reshape her nose, a procedure which did not go well and had to be redone. Both of these procedures were performed when she was still a teenager. These days she admits only to undergoing regular Botox therapy in an effort to hold the wrinkles at bay.

Before and After:

She says that she believes that most women; including herself and her mother, look to surgery as a way of boosting their self confidence. It is a way to overcome a poor self image and project a more confident persona to the world at large. She claims that she would be surprised to find out there were still celebrities in Hollywood that had not become acquainted with the Botox needle, as it is practically part of Hollywood life. With plastic surgery and enhancement therapies so common place in Hollywood it is almost a natural expectation to go through a surgical procedure at some point in a person’s career.

Before and After pictures:

Melissa Rivers picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Melissa Rivers picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Melissa Rivers picture from 2003 (via Imdb)

Melissa Rivers picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Does Melissa Rivers have Plastic Surgery?

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