Does Nigella Lawson have Plastic Surgery?

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Sensuous and flirtatious television cook Nigella Lawson has changed little over the past twenty years. She still has the youthful looks that she had in the 1990’s. Many people are claiming that the way she looks is the result of some excellent plastic surgery, though there is little evidence to suggest that this is true. She hasn’t always been in front of the camera, she spent time as a freelance writer, then worked as both a book and food critic. She is also a bestselling author. Yet despite being close to fifty looks to be much younger.

Does Nigella Lawson have Plastic Surgery?

The rumours surrounding her do not only relate to her face. There are claims that she has sought a surgical solution for her thinning hair, it appears she was in fear of becoming bald. This may seem a little farfetched but the rumours do come from a source close to the celebrity. If it is true we will probably never know if the hair in the thinning patches grew back of its own accord or not. Of course thinning hair is easy to disguise, it is not so easy to disguise the signs of aging which appear on the face. Yet there is very little in the way of wrinkles which a woman in her fifties should be sporting.

Before and After:

The celebrity has always claimed to be happy with her image and has never thought about changing her appearance. She believes that if a person feels happy and healthy on the inside then the outside of the person will reflect those feelings, and in essence look younger because of it. If we are to believe her it seems that she has shunned the therapies which other female celebrities her age are turning to, and intends to grow old naturally. Time will tell if this holds true.

Before and After pictures:

Nigella Lawson picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia) + another picture from 2012.

Nigella Lawson picture from 2004 (via Wikipedia)

Does Nigella Lawson have Plastic Surgery?

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