Has Joan Van Ark had Plastic Surgery?

Aging actress Joan Van Ark appeared in thirteen seasons of American soap opera ‘Knots Landing’ (like Donna Mills) as Valene Ewing. Now in her seventies the actress has resorted to plastic surgery in order to help her recapture her youthful appearance. Unfortunately for her, the surgeries she has been through have left her looking less than natural. She has been through so many different procedures that the skin on her face no longer resembles normal skin.

Has Joan Van Ark had Plastic Surgery?

There are clear indications that she has been through a number of face lift procedures as well as having had the size of her nose reduced. The skin around her eyes has been lifted and she has been through eye lid surgery. Her lips have received collagen injections to make them appear more full and rounded, and less like the thin lips of a woman in her seventies. Her face looks as though the skin has been stretched too tightly over cheek implants and then filled out with dermal fillers. Finally the wrinkles on her face are kept at bay with Botox injections. Despite how unnatural her face looks the actress has failed to make any statement about having been through any surgical procedures, yet she can hardly deny it.

Before and After pictures:

Joan Van Ark picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Joan Van Ark picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Joan Van Ark picture from 2004 (via Imdb)

Joan Van Ark picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Has Joan Van Ark had Plastic Surgery?

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