Has Kerry Washington had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Kerry Washington is recognisable for her appearances in the television series ‘Scandal’. Born in 1977 the actress is in her late thirties, and as such should be beginning show the effects of the aging process on her face. However there are reports that she is unwilling to age in front of the camera, and has already sought the help of some cosmetic enhancements to help her maintain a youthful appearance. There are also rumours that while she was seeking anti aging help she also had a few of her features tweaked.

Has Kerry Washington had Plastic Surgery?

Many are claiming that she has had the shape of her nose refined. It is now much thinner and shapelier that it was before. The tip of the nose is no longer as broad which has improved the overall aesthetic of her face. Her cheeks also appear to be plumper, and her lips too are more rounded and have the look of those which have undergone collagen injections. Her complexion is smooth and wrinkle free which would suggest that she has opted for injectables in the fight against facial wrinkles. Starting her anti aging fight so soon may mean that there are more invasive procedures in her future.

Before and After pictures:

Kerry Washington picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Kerry Washington picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Kerry Washington picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Has Kerry Washington had Plastic Surgery?

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