Has Adriana Lima had any Plastic Surgery?

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Adriana Lima is one of the most recognisable models used by the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret to promote their merchandise. Not only is she a respected model, she is also an actress and mother of two children. As a model the media is constantly focussed upon the way that she looks, and they are always keen to highlight when something about her appearance changes. Lately they have been speculating that she has been through some cosmetic surgery in order to help her maintain the look that she has become famous for.

Has Adriana Lima had any Plastic Surgery?

Whilst there has been no comment made from the lady herself, we have to rely on images of the Brazilian model in order to judge any changes in appearance for ourselves. Much of the speculation surrounds her having had breast and lip augmentation. There does appear to have been change to her breast size and considering the fact that she has had two children, they are still well shaped and looking remarkable good. It could well be that she has taken on board a little help and had her breasts augmented. Her lips too, also look more plumped up than they used to. This is generally a sign that collagen has been injected into the lips to fill them out.

Before and After:

Despite what we believe we can see in her photographs the model continues to deny that she had had any cosmetic work done to either her face or her body. She claims that the way she looks is the result of a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and regular exercise. Those who work in the cosmetic enhancement industry are less sure about her claims, they too believe that she has undergone breast augmentation surgery and had the shape of her lips enhanced. Whether she has or hasn’t she still looks naturally beautiful.

Before and After pictures:

Adriana Lima picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Adriana Lima picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Adriana Lima picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Adrian Lima picture from 2007 (via Wikipedia)

Has Adriana Lima had any Plastic Surgery?

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