Has Ann Margret had Plastic Surgery?

Ann Margret is a Swedish American sensation that was born in 1941. During her prime, she was an actress, a singer and a dancer all in one. She’s known for many famous roles in the 60s and 70s such as Viva Las Vegas, Carnal KnowledgeTommy and The Cincinnati Kid. During her career, Ann Margret won five separate Golden Globe awards and was nominated for many more awards including: Six Emmy awards, two Grammy awards and a couple of academy awards as well.

Ann Margret is currently aged 72 years old and looks easily like she can be in her 50s. Does this mean that there are indications of great aging at play or was plastic surgery involved? A relatively notable plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Michael Salzhauer was noted saying that it’s very possible that Ann Margret had plastic surgery.

Possible Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Facelift – This is purely speculation, but looking at how tight her skin is around her face at 72 years old, we can speculate that she’s had her face lifted. This would be almost impossible to naturally age into and not only that, but the facelift appears to be done by a professional with no flaws left behind.

Botox – As we can clearly note from around her eyes and her forehead, she might be getting regular Botox injections. She has no aging lines, no wrinkles and her skin looks as smooth as a 40 year old woman’s.

Cheek Injection – This isn’t as common as Botox but some people get cheek injections to give their cheeks a fuller and plump look.

Do you think Ann Margret has been getting regular Botox and facelift procedures or that she has a body that’s naturally aging well at the old age of 72?

Before and After pictures:

Ann Margret picture from 2010 (in the present)

Ann Margret picture from 1980 (many years ago)

Ann Margret picture from 1964 (many, many years ago)

Ann Margret picture from 1960 (more years ago)

Has Ann Margret had Plastic Surgery?

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