Has Beth Chapman had Plastic Surgery?

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Beth Chapman is the bottle blonde wife of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’. She is not known for having an impeccable sense of personal style, or being particular about the way she looks. He make up is always heavy and her hair always a harsh bleached blonde. Yet something seems to have happened to Beth Chapman. Despite always being heavy set, stocky and exceptionally curvy she seems to have opted to have a few of her curves removed.

Has Beth Chapman had Plastic Surgery?

Sadly she does not appear to have been to a particularly good plastic surgeon as the scars from her tummy tuck were clearly visible for all to see during a beach holiday with her husband. It may be that she wanted to lose the stretch marks caused during all of her three pregnancies, or that she simply wanted to lose her stomach fat quickly. Whatever the reason the tummy tuck has certainly done the job. She is also reported to have been back to the surgeon to have her nose surgically altered and there are rumours of a face and eye lift too. Sadly these too do not appear to have been handled by a top class plastic surgeon as they have left her looking a little odd.

Before and After pictures:

Beth Chapman picture from 2007 (via Imdb) + Another picture from 2007 (via Imdb)

Has Beth Chapman had Plastic Surgery?

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