Has Carrie Underwood had any Plastic Surgery?

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Since winning the fourth season of ‘American Idol’, Carrie Underwood has gone on to establish herself in the country music industry. When she is not singing or song writing she also finds time to work on her acting career. However since she first appeared on our screens there has been some speculation that she has undergone some plastic surgery in order to change her image and boost her public appeal. The singer has never spoken openly about the changes in her face that the media have picked up on, however her pictures seem to confirm the rumours.

Has Carrie Underwood had any Plastic Surgery?

Take a look at an early image of the singer and you will notice that the shape of her nose is somewhat different to the nose that she has now. Rhinoplasty is a common form of surgery in celebrity circles, as the nose seems to be the one area that people want to change the most. It could be too big, too wide or simply make them feel insecure about the way that they look. For many celebrities it is their first experience of cosmetic enhancement, but generally not the last. Her nose now is much narrower than it was, which must be what she wanted as her original nose was nothing to be ashamed of.

Before and After:

Sources claim that her friends and family are confused as to why she would put herself through such unnecessary surgery. They can only assume that the surgery was to improve the singer’s self confidence and make her feel better about her overall image. It must have worked as the singer now looks more comfortable with her appearance than she ever has. Her family and friends though, are hoping this is not the start of a long term relationship with plastic surgery, which will see her dramatically changing the way she looks in the future.

Before and After pictures:

Carrie Underwood picture from 2013.

Carrie Underwood picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Carrie Underwood picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture.

Carrie Underwood picture from 2005.

Has Carrie Underwood had any Nose Plastic Surgery?

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