Has Deidre Hall had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Deidre Hall is best remembered for her role or Dr Marlena Evans in the long running American soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’ which she appeared in for a staggering thirty two years. A role which has landed her several prestigious television awards. It has also meant that she has been on our screens for more than three decades, more than enough time for fans to see the actress age in front of their eyes. The actress was born in 1947 which means that she is now well into her late sixties, and yet she does not look her age.

Has Deidre Hall had Plastic Surgery?

As with many actresses of her generation there is plenty of plastic surgery speculation surrounding her. Her skin is remarkably smooth and she has little or no wrinkles on her face. There are many who believe that she has been through a face lift procedure and undertaken a course of Botox therapy. Ask the actress herself and she will tell you that she looks so good because she understands the beauty business. She knows what it takes to remain looking youthful and healthy without the aid of the surgeons skill, and that she uses all the tricks and tips that she knows in order to keep her skin looking fresh and youthful.

Before and After:

She has published a number of books within the health and beauty genre which cover all kinds of beauty and cosmetic therapies currently available including plastic surgery and all kinds of cosmetic implants. Yet she is not admitting to having had anything done herself. She continues to promote a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and an excellent beauty regime as being the basis for looking good well into your senior years. If she is telling the truth then there are many actors her age who need to consider a change in lifestyle.

Before and After pictures:

Deidre Hall picture from 2014 (via Imdb)

Deidre Hall picture from 2005 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture (via Imdb)

Deidre Hall picture from 2003 (via Imdb)

Has Deidre Hall had Plastic Surgery?

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